How to date safe: 5 tips for women to avoid risky situations when dating

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Dating can be a scary concept in many ways. What do you wear? Where do you go? What do you talk about? But it can also be scary if you are not careful. Although in most cases there will be no safety issues involved in the dating process, there are cases where things can go completely wrong and women may find themselves in risky and unsafe situations.

Therefore it is always good to be aware of some tell tale signs that your date may end badly.

  1. First and foremost, never ignore your gut instincts.

Situation: you are out with your friends and are approached by a charming and friendly man who asks if you would like a drink. You are looking for some adventure and romance so you think why not? However as things move on, suddenly your gut is telling you this may not be the best idea.

It is important to always follow those instincts as in majority of cases your gut is right. It is always better to be safe and sorry and although in most cases it will be fine, it is better to go home safe wondering what would have happened than ending up in a bad situation wishing you had never done it.

  1. Your date wants to take you to a secluded location.

You have just spent a really nice few hours with your date and somewhere secluded sounds like a good idea. If you feel comfortable in this situation then go ahead he is probably a respectable guy however if you do not know him very well and do not feel relaxed going somewhere private with him then make sure this does not happen. Majority of assault cases take place somewhere out of the public eye so always be careful who you go off with.

  1. Your date is encouraging you to drink more.

A date can be very intimidating and a few wines may help in calming the nerves. If you do feel that your date may be attempting to get you drinking a few too many then make sure you know your limits and stop. You do not want to lose touch with your surroundings and become too relaxed or trusting as this is a very common way for assaulters to entice their victims.

  1. Your date meets up with or invites along his friends.

What a coincidence! 3 or 4 of your date’s mates have just turned up out of nowhere and now they all want you to go somewhere private with them. This may not be a coincidence at all and just because there are other guys there does not mean your date cannot harm you.

  1. Finally, if things get weird – leave!

If you are feeling uncomfortable at all or if he has said anything weird or unnecessary do not be afraid to leave. Even if he is a nice guy you should not feel bad telling him that you would like to go home.

It may seem like we are being paranoid but dating in today’s society is not always as safe as you would think. Most of the time the man you are going on a date with is a gentleman however it is always important to trust your instinct – sometimes you will just be able to tell that it is not right.

It is up to you to make the decision on whether you think it is safe or not nevertheless these are a few tips to help guide you in judging dating situations.

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6 thoughts on “How to date safe: 5 tips for women to avoid risky situations when dating

  1. Great post! Never ignore your gut instinct is a really important one! If you do, you run the risk of truly finding out who they may be later down the track in the relationship!


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