Fed up of being touched inappropriately at live music gigs and nightclubs? You are not alone.

It is not okay to inappropriately touch a woman on the street and it is definitely not okay to do it in the workplace. Then why for some reason do men think it is more than okay to inappropriately touch women when they are in dark crowded spaces such as a live music venue or nightclub? Any women (or man in some cases) who has spent time in a mosh pit or crowded dance floor are likely to nod and describe their own personal experience of when this has happened to them.

As discussed in a recent segment of Triple J’s half an hour program ‘Hack’ which covers all sorts of news tailored towards Australia’s youth, for far too long music venues, festivals and nightclubs have provided men with opportunities to harass and grope women in an almost anonymous way.

hack image
One live music fan told Hack, “if it was in the workplace or any other place at any other time, and someone grabbed my butt, I could sue them. But for some reason it’s apparently OK when you’re in a nightclub.”

In a survey conducted, we found that out of 25 women who were surveyed between the ages 18 and 25 and who commonly attend live music events and night clubs, 100% of them said they have been touched inappropriately by another member of the crowd. This astonishing statistic shows this a serious problem within the music and entertainment industry which needs to be addressed.

The Victorian Government has recently called on the music industry and formed a taskforce which aims to make Victoria’s live music scene safer for women both working in the industry and attending events. Through joining forces with Melbourne Group ‘Listen’ and well known DJ and promoter Katie Pearson convening the taskforce after being assaulted herself earlier this year at a Melbourne bar, they are working towards seriously addressing this issue.

There is a need to make it safe for women to go out and have a fun time in a safe environment without worrying about being harassed or touched inappropriately by men. For any women who have experienced this, know that you are not alone.

If you have anything to add you can share your own stories – we appreciate your comments!


– CD


8 thoughts on “Fed up of being touched inappropriately at live music gigs and nightclubs? You are not alone.

  1. Great information! It baffles me that people don’t understand the concept of innapropriate touching in nightclubs, and that it is not OK. The fact that people think it’s ok to do so simply due to a change in context/situation needs to be addressed. You are doing good work!


  2. It happens wayyyy too often and I almost don’t want to go out anymore!
    I’ve even had much older guys wrapping their arms by my waist firmly and not letting go! They’re a lot more confident and stronger when they’re drunk – it happened right outside a police station too.


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